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insert performance

I'd like to learn some tips how to improve insert speed performance via JDBC.

I'm inserting rows from 3 separate JDBC writers in batches. The overall write speed varies roughly from 500 to 1500 msg/s. The table we're writing to has about 30 columns, 5 billion rows, is segmented by an id, is ksafe 1 and has an auto increment field on id. Our tuple mover is not changed in anyway from default. We're running the latest version of Vertica.

The write throughput does not seem consistent. Sometimes it goes at 1,5k msg/s and then it goes to 500 msg/s. Im assuming this is the tuple mover in action?

What can I tune or check to reach much more than 1500 msg/s and for example reach 10,000 msg/s ?



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