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Will keeping a subcluster down too long cause EPOCH to grow too much?

Deb_ChatignyDeb_Chatigny Administrator
edited April 2020 in General Discussion

Would keeping a subcluster down for too long cause EPOCH to grow too much, and cause the data footprint to swell to keep recover history?

@dsprogis @ybei
Eon Mode: Past, Present, Future


  • ybeiybei Employee

    In Eon mode, AHM can be advanced when there are nodes down, so keeping subcluster down won't cause AHM lag behind. We fixed this in 9.3.1.

  • ChuckBChuckB Employee

    Keeping a subcluster down for a long time won't cause any problems or issues. The primary subcluster will keep the database clean and tidy (as usual) even if secondary subclusters have been shut down.

    Eon doesn't do "recovery" the way the question implies. When the subcluster comes back up it just caches the most relevant stuff in the depots.

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