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Do you still need resource pools if there's only one database user?

Consider a database that should have only one user (no workload isolation needed) do you still suggest to create multiple resource pools or the general pool is sufficient ?

Question from Optimizing Query Performance and Resource Pool Tuning @rbankula @bat


  • I guess it largely depends on how much stuff that one user is running. Resource pools can be used to manage concurrency, but it can also be used to help avoid situations that might allow long-running queries taking over the system. Even good users can occasionally write bad queries, so capping those isn't a bad idea to keep stuff running away. But you can cap those kinds of things at the user level, and it doesn't need to be in resource pools. But you could still use resource pools to separate ETL processes from queries, etc. That could be necessary if you need to prioritize tasks. But, at the end of the day, if you're not running into any issues in your environment, then it probably wouldn't be necessary to configure the resource pools. I would recommend setting runtimecaps at the user level, at the very least however. Just to avoid the occasional hour-long cartesian join query.

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