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Can a resource pool reject queries that are too large, instead of accepting them and running them mo

Is is or will it become possible to have resource reject queries that exceed an allowed cost or number-of-rows? We have business users, via a reporting tool, execute ad-hoc queries that occasionally are excessively large. If too large we would rather the resource pool reject such queries rather than execute them more slowly.

Question from Optimizing Query Performance and Resource Pool Tuning @rbankula @bat


  • The resource pool cannot reject based on number of rows. Typically only memory, If you have a MaxMemorySize set and the query exceeds it, it will be rejected. You can also set a MaxQueryMemorySize to kill individual queries exceeding a certain memory limit less than the overall MaxMemorySize, or set a query time limit with RunTimeCap that will terminate a query based on the time limit set.

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