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Vertica-Extension-Packages repository - do you plan to offer this in the Vertica RPM?

Deb_ChatignyDeb_Chatigny Administrator
edited April 2020 in General Discussion

Do you plan to incorporate a Vertica-Extension-Packages repository into the Vertica database RPM? It could be installed only on demand ( maybe with a special admintools switch).

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  • twalltwall Employee

    Not at the moment. There's lots of licensing and testing issues that we'd have to sort out before that could happen. What's more likely is that we spend some effort in the future making udx's in general easier to build & deploy. Compilation can be tricky, especially for unfenced C++. Admintools does have some machinery to do "udx packages", like you see with kafka, voltagesecure, etc., but it currently requires some manual effort to deploy new ones. Making that loop easier will make many things easier beyond the packages listed there.

  • Thing is that it is resource demanding to create and maintain own delivery pipeline for custom UDXs.
    AFAIK the UDXs in Vertica-Extension-Packages repo are officially supported by Vertica.
    Esp. I am interested in group_concat, because listagg() is missing custom order by and Vertica is not willing to fix it.
    If you add most important UDXs one by one to the RPM, it would be very appreciated.
    Obviously you can skip those with licensing group_contact that case?

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