How efficient is storage of complex types?

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How efficiently are the complex types physically stored (encoding, storage footprint, CPU/memory consumption when working with them)?

Question asked by an attendee during Putting Complex Data Types to Work. @DeepakMajeti @rroelke


  • ChuckBChuckB Employee

    Vague question... but basically, as efficient as a deconstructed set of primitive types, if you use the new CT stuff (So... extremely efficient!). Sometimes inefficient, if you use unoptimized flex maps.

  • mcelliomcellio Employee

    FYI, one-dimensional arrays are the only complex types that can currently be stored in ROS data; everything else is external tables.

  • What encoding can be used in case of the new CT stuff?

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    I am creating an SQL table that will provide the back-end storage mechanism for complex-typed objects. I am trying to determine how to accomplish this with the best performance. I need to be able to query on each individual simple type value of the complex type (e.g. the String value of a City in an Address complex type). VidMate TeaTV Shareit

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