Store my WordPress site data in vertica but unable to find where it is stored?

FeddyZuesFeddyZues Community Edition User
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Hey Guys,

I'm posting first time in this forum. Vertica has capability to store large data safely. Last month, I store some important file in vertica database and they were really important for me. It has all the key factor of my project.
I try to contact with vertica's official website but nothing get better solution from them.

I forget to capture the screenshot when I was upload it. Otherwise it was easy for me to convey my message to you in detail. I'm very fed up last few days.

One of my important sites data in it.




  • Bryan_HBryan_H Vertica Employee Administrator

    Did you configure Vertica as a backend database for your WordPress site? If so, are you able to login and list tables and schemas (e.g. SELECT * FROM schemata; SELECT * FROM tables; ) My recollection is that WordPress creates a schema in the backend database and stores its tables there, so if we can identify the schema and table structure, we can then export data.

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