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Max Open Files Limit

andriiandrii Vertica Customer

according the documentation:
"The open file limit should be at least 1 file open per MB of RAM, 65536, or the amount of RAM in MB; whichever is greater. "
What is the difference between "1 file open per MB of RAM" and " the amount of RAM in MB"?
Also, do we need to restart Vertica after we increase Max Open Files Limit?


  • Bryan_HBryan_H Vertica Employee Administrator

    That is a mistake in the 9.3.x documentation. In more recent documentation, it is:
    user max open files = greater of { ≥ 65536 | ≤ RAM-MBs }
    This is the correct formula for 9.3.x also.
    You may need to restart Vertica after changing the ulimit in the config file, since it applies at startup, However, Vertica may not start at all, or may experience issues leading to shutdown, if the file limit is too low.

  • andriiandrii Vertica Customer

    Thank you for the explanation!

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