Issue with docker container on mac m1

andriiandrii Vertica Customer

I am facing an issue with the latest docker container:

09:43:21.556 [ForkJoinPool-1-worker-19] WARN tc.vertica/vertica-ce:12.0.4-0 - The architecture 'amd64' for image 'vertica/vertica-ce:12.0.4-0' (ID sha256:0f48ea38b29383f5a12882b0230d8cefb8b80dd39f6c4bd75b30055a20a696a5) does not match the Docker server architecture 'arm64'. This will cause the container to execute much more slowly due to emulation and may lead to timeout failures.

From time to time I have the following exception (probably because of this issue):

java.sql.SQLRecoverableException: [Vertica]VJDBC IOException while communicating with server:

Caused by: java.sql.SQLRecoverableException: [Vertica]VJDBC IOException while communicating with server:
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at com.vertica.core.VConnection.connectNodeTask(Unknown Source)
at com.vertica.core.VConnection.connectNode(Unknown Source)
at com.vertica.core.VConnection.connectTask(Unknown Source)
at com.vertica.core.VConnection.connect(Unknown Source)
at com.vertica.jdbc.common.BaseConnectionFactory.doConnect(
at com.vertica.jdbc.common.AbstractDriver.connect(
at java.sql/java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(
at java.sql/java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(
... 38 common frames omitted
Caused by: [Vertica]VJDBC IOException while communicating with server:
... 59 common frames omitted
Caused by: null
at Source)
at Source)
... 58 common frames omitted

Any ideas?


Best Answers

  • SruthiASruthiA Vertica Employee Employee
    Answer ✓

    we don't support docker containers on ARM processor yet. Hence the error is expected.

  • Bryan_HBryan_H Vertica Employee Administrator
    Answer ✓

    As noted in another thread, we have a beta release of Vertica on ARM64 available that should work on Apple silicon, though as RPM or TAR.GZ archive so you'd need to build your own image from that. Contact us via support or account team if interested in testing.


  • Can you share the link for Vertica beta release that works on ARM64

  • Bryan_HBryan_H Vertica Employee Administrator

    @guylevit Contact your Vertica solution architect (probably me) via email, and we can provide a copy via support FTP acount.

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