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I have set primary key in vertica table and I tried to copy data from csv into my table but it was not copying because the primary key field has duplicate ids how can skip that row and insert all other data into my table.I was doing like this.. testing=> create table vertical(id int primary key enabled,name varchar); CREATE TABLE testing=> copy vertical from '/home/naresh/Desktop/result.csv' parser fcsvparser(); ERROR 6745: Duplicate key values: 'id=3' -- violates constraint 'public.vertical.C_PRIMARY' teststing=> My csv is like this 1 abc 2 abcd 3 cba 4 adbc 5 bcd 6 rgukt 7 adbcc 3 erthgf How can i insert this csv without duplicates and Is there any possible to store that duplicated data in another file?


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