.vsqlrc on Windows?

marcothesanemarcothesane - Select Field - Administrator

Hi All -
this by and large a re-posting of this discussion, from Trevor_Deane, which was posted in July 2013: https://forum.vertica.com/discussion/208339/vsql-windows
I read somewhere that you need to create vsqlrc.conf instead of .vsqlrc
I tried to set the environment variable VSQL_HOME and to place both .vsqlrc and vsqlrc.conf to that directory. Does not seem to work like that .
Does any of you have any ideas?

Cheers -


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    Jim_KnicelyJim_Knicely - Select Field - Administrator
    edited January 2018

    @marcothesane - I am still trying to figure this one out. I will update you if I find the solution! But I believe there aren't too many use cases out there where vsql in a Windows environment requires the vsqlrc.conf.

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