Tuple Mover Best Practices

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Tuple Mover Best Practices

 Click here for a PDF version of this document.

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    In the query for "How can I find the container count per projection per node?", are you not missing the "storage_type" field? That is, I think the query should be as follows:

    SELECT node_name, schema_name, projection_name
    , sum(delete_vector_count) delete_vector_count
    , sum(case when storage_type='ROS' then 1 else 0 end) ROS_container_count
    , sum(delete_vector_count) + count(*) total_container_count
    FROM storage_containers
    GROUP BY 1,2,3

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    Hi vicctim. Nice job on the query. I'm friendly with the subject matter expert and the author of the article. When I saw your post I ran it by them. Here's the answer:

    Yes, you're right. In the query as posted if we don't segregate WOS from ROS we may be off by a few containers, and our goal is to not a perfect count . The query as written in the document will serve the purpose. Remember, we're trying to keep an eye on this for monitoring purposes, as opposed to creating a report on which we will make an important business decision. However, if you feel more comfortable with an exact count then yes, filter out the WOS containers.

    Thank you for your sleuthing and terrific post. We look forward to more of your contributions.

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    Rats, I spelled your name incorrectly. Sorry!

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