error persisting data to S3

Hey folks,
It looks like my setup is not correct. I get this error when i try to insert a record into a table.

How do i troubleshoot this ?
Anything wrong with the bucket?
02823bcda288a8811479d012e64c241d00c0000000000e10_0.gt]: Could not stat file [s3://BUCKET_NAME/communal/70c/02823bcda288a8811479d012e64c241d00c0000000000e10_0.gt]: Unable to parse ExceptionName: PermanentRedirect Message: The bucket you are attempting to access must be addressed using the specified endpoint. Please send all future requests to this endpoint.
2017-10-30 19:15:07.964 Init Session:7f4e218c0700-c000000000055c [Dist] Cleaning up Uploader on fail
2017-10-30 19:15:07.965 Init Session:7f4e218c0700-c000000000055c [Dist] Cleaning up Uploader on fail
2017-10-30 19:15:07.966 Init Session:7f4e218c0700-c000000000055c @v_verticadb_node0002: 58030/8162: Something went wrong while copying the files to persistent location.


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    asaeidiasaeidi - Select Field - Employee

    Hi Colin,

    Please make sure you set AWSRegion configuration parameter to the same region as your bucket.

    select set_config_parameter('AWSRegion', '[your region]');

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    dbadmin=> select get_config_parameter('AWSRegion');


    select set_config_parameter('AWSRegion', 'us-east-2');


    Parameter set successfully
    and bingo .... now it works !


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    Hi Colin,
    Here is some good AWS documentation on the subject: http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonS3/latest/dev/UsingBucket.html
    It looks as though you can add the region in the front-end of the URL notation.

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    It seems to me that auto-created vertica database has AWSRegion parameter set to us-east-1 even though on the MC cluster creation page is set to us-east-2 . I can see this on a new cluster, so perhaps this needs to be correctly set during cluster provisioning.

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    +1, same for me. The V node is created in a US region.
    For me select set_config_parameter('AWSRegion', 'eu-west-1');
    solved this.
    Maybe the installation procedure can use the AWS region of the S3 bucket automatically?

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    Dieter, Colin, in addition to fixing the regional issues in a hot fix shortly after 9.0.1, the MC provisioning process will validate the region to avoid this incompatibility.

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