Eon Mode Beta: 9.0.0 Known Issues and Limitations

VER-54561, VER-56832, VER-57029 (Eon Mode, Subscriptions) An issue in catalog lock acquirement and catalog checkpoint at subscription service sometimes causes database failure during cluster restarts.

VER-56354 (Eon Mode, S3) Trying to create a database without authorization to access the communal storage location causes the creation to fail with unclear error messages.

VER-56738 (Admin Tools) When creating a new database with the same name as a previous, dropped database, admintools does not check for whether the depot directory already exists. This could result in a database without a working depot.

VER-56744, VER-57598 (Eon Mode) Copy statements might hang without the ability to cancel if there are other concurrent COPY statements running, or if the table is dropped. To avoid this issue, let the COPY statement finish before performing any other operations on the table.

VER-56819, VER-57078 (Catalog Engine, Eon Mode) The cluster sometimes fails to restart due to an issue in loading checkpoints or getting the latest version of the catalog.

VER-56852 (Eon Mode) When creating an Eon Mode Beta database, Vertica does not clean existing metadata in the S3 bucket.

VER-57089 (Eon Mode) Running DROP_PARTITION sometimes causes the database to fail due to an issue during shard reassignment.

VER-57232 (Eon Mode, Tuple Mover) Concurrent ALTER PARTITION and DELETE operations sometimes cause node panic.

VER-57290 (Eon Mode) Ephemeral nodes may panic during upload to S3. Do not use ephemeral nodes with an Eon Mode Beta database in 9.0.0.

VER-57446 (S3) Using HTTPS slows concurrent COPY performance on S3. Note that the workaround, disabling HTTPS, improves performance at the expense of SSL security. To disable HTTPS, set the parameter AWSEnableHttps to 0:

VER-57705 (Subscriptions) Dropping subscriptions sometimes resulted in projection count mismatch, or in files or ROSes missing from STORAGE_CONTAINERS.

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