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reviving database error

Not sure why the revive operation fails.
The json file referenced seems present and accessible. Ideas?

aws s3 cp s3://eonpoc2/communal/metadata/VerticaDB/cluster_config.json -

[[email protected] ~]$ admintools -t revive_db --communal-storage-location=s3://eonpoc2/communal/ -s --force -d VerticaDB

            Vertica Eon Mode Beta
    The operation you are performing is part of
    beta functionality. The terms listed in the beta
    agreement apply.

    Vertica Eon Mode Beta forum:

Attempting to read database information from: [s3://eonpoc2/communal/metadata/VerticaDB/cluster_config.json]

Database could not be revived.
Error: Error while downloading file communal/metadata/VerticaDB/cluster_config.json from communal location: An error occurred (400) when calling the HeadObject operation: Bad Request


  • Keys? Region issues?

  • Could you please provide the log file (vertica-download-file.log)?

  • revive_db assumes us-east-1, which seem to be the problem. I have provided a workaround, lets see if it works

  • try, in
    in _process_args(…)
    add flags_list.extend([‘-X’, ‘pName:pValue’])

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