Shrinking an EON cluster from 12 to 6 nodes

Dear forum,

We're currently timing the queries for xxx on a 12-node cluster, using 12 shards.

We would like to repeat the tests with 6 and/or 4 nodes, and would like to shrink the cluster not one node at a time, but removing for example 6 in one go.

We were thinking of calling admintools, Advanced Menu -> Cluster Management -> Remove Host(s), followed by terminating 6 nodes from the AWS EON management console.

What is your take on this? is there a more efficient, safer, more elegant or better for any other reason solution?

Thanks for any hints & cheers -
Dieter and Marco


  • Hi Dieter,
    You can add and remove nodes from the cluster using the MC as well as admintools. Unfortunately, the MC currently adds and removes one node at a time (soon to be fixed) so admintools could be faster for you.

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