Terrace routing on Vertica EON

Hi Team,

1) Will Terrace routing work same as its in EON also.
2) since EON separated compute and storage, how terrace routing to going to help us in performance
3) If we impletented Terrace Routing , the same architecture we will be carrying while implementing to EON?
4) if we implemented EON do we need to additional implement Terrace routing?
Please respond as soon as possible



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    Ben_VandiverBen_Vandiver Employee
    edited April 2018

    Terrace routing is not directly affected by Eon mode. Eon is about storage and it leaves the execution engine relatively untouched. Terrace routing is an execution engine only optimization for reducing the number of network flows.

    More interesting is the interaction between Eon's Elastic Throughput Scaling (ETS) and Terrace Routing (TR). ETS and TR both make use of Fault Groups. ETS kicks in when each fault group has more nodes than database shards, allowing a query to be served entirely within a fault group. By contrast, TR only applies when there are nodes in multiple fault groups participating in the same query.

    In short, depending on how you deploy Eon, Terrace routing may or may not be relevant. If it is relevant (large node count and shard count), then Terrace routing will work the way you have historically seen it work.

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