Summarize a Table’s Projections

Jim Knicely authored this tip.

Use the built-in Vertica function GET_TABLE_PROJECTIONS to quickly summarize the details of all of the projections of a Vertica table.


dbadmin=> \a
Output format is unaligned.

dbadmin=> \t
Showing only tuples.

dbadmin=> SELECT get_table_projections('public.jim');
Current system K is 1.
# of Nodes: 3.
Table public.jim has 3 projections.

Projection Name: [Segmented] [Seg Cols] [# of Buddies] [Buddy Projections] [Safe] [UptoDate] [Stats]
public.jim_replicate [Segmented: No] [Seg Cols: ] [K: 2] [public.jim_replicate] [Safe: Yes] [UptoDate: Yes] [Stats: Yes]
public.jim_b1 [Segmented: Yes] [Seg Cols: "public.jim.c1", "public.jim.c2"] [K: 1] [public.jim_b0] [Safe: Yes] [UptoDate: Yes] [Stats: Yes]
public.jim_b0 [Segmented: Yes] [Seg Cols: "public.jim.c1", "public.jim.c2"] [K: 1] [public.jim_b1] [Safe: Yes] [UptoDate: Yes] [Stats: Yes]

Have fun!

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