Calculate the Catalog Size in Memory on Each Node

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The RESOURCE_POOL_STATUS system table provides the current state of built-in and user-defined resource pools on each node, including memory usage. The METADATA built-in pool tracks memory allocated for catalog data and storage data structures.

Knowing those two facts, we can calculate catalog memory usage on all nodes by querying the system table RESOURCE_POOL_STATUS for the METADATA pool!


dbadmin=> SELECT node_name, pool_name, memory_size_kb/1024^2 AS memory_size_kb_gb
dbadmin->   FROM resource_pool_status
dbadmin->  WHERE pool_name = 'metadata';
     node_name      | pool_name | memory_size_kb_gb
v_test_db_node0001 | metadata  | 0.104231834411621
v_test_db_node0002 | metadata  | 0.104231824231921
v_test_db_node0003 | metadata  | 0.104231834213117
(1 row)

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