Viewing External Table Definitions

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An alternative to importing data into Vertica is to query it in place. For that we use external tables. Once an external table is created you can view its definition via the TABLES system table.


dbadmin=> \! cat /home/dbadmin/ext.txt

dbadmin=> CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE ext (c1 INT, c2 VARCHAR(10)) AS COPY FROM '/home/dbadmin/ext.txt';

dbadmin=> SELECT * FROM ext;
c1 |  c2
  1 | TEST1
  2 | TEST2
(2 rows)

dbadmin=> SELECT table_name, table_definition
dbadmin->   FROM tables
dbadmin->  WHERE table_name = 'ext';
table_name |         table_definition
ext        | COPY FROM '/home/dbadmin/ext.txt'
(1 row)

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