Viewing Internal Statements Executed by Vertica

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The DC_INTERNAL_STATEMENTS Data Collector table tracks internal statements that are executed by Vertica.


dbadmin=> SELECT component, description
dbadmin->   FROM data_collector
dbadmin->  WHERE table_name = 'dc_internal_statements';
     component      |            description
InternalStatements | Internal statements kicked started
(1 row)

dbadmin=> CREATE TABLE a_test (c1 INT, c2 VARCHAR(10));

dbadmin=> INSERT INTO a_test SELECT 1, 'A';
(1 row)

dbadmin=> SELECT projection_name
dbadmin=> SELECT projection_name, is_super_projection, create_type
dbadmin->   FROM projections
dbadmin->  WHERE anchor_table_name = 'a_test';
projection_name | is_super_projection |   create_type
a_test_super    | t                   | DELAYED CREATION
(1 row)

But I didn’t create that projection, Vertica did!

That is, Vertica created an “Auto-projection” on my behalf because I loaded data into a table that had no previously defined projections.

I can view the SQL statement that was executed by Vertica internally via the DC_INTERNAL_STATEMENTS Data Collector table:

dbadmin=> SELECT statement
dbadmin->   FROM dc_internal_statements
dbadmin->  WHERE session_id = CURRENT_SESSION();
CREATE PROJECTION public.a_test AS  SELECT * FROM public.a_test ORDER BY  c1,c2 SEGMENTED BY hash( c1,c2) ALL NODES  KSAFE;
(1 row) 

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