Display the Vertica Process Memory Allocated

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For common Vertica cluster configurations, there should be a single running Vertica process on each node. You can use the Linux “ps” command to determine the process id of the Vertica process. Once you have the process id, you can display the amount of memory that has been allocated to the Vertica process using the Linux command “pmap”.


[dbadmin@s18384357 ~]$ ps ax | grep "[/]opt/vertica/bin/vertica " | awk '{print $1}'

[dbadmin@s18384357 ~]$ pmap 493879 | tail -n 1
total          8073324K

You can also use “xargs” to do it all in one command!

[dbadmin@s18384357 ~]$ ps ax | grep "[/]opt/vertica/bin/vertica " | awk '{print $1}' | xargs pmap | tail -n 1
total          8073324K

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