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How Old Am I (In Months)?

You are probably aware that Vertica has a built-in function named AGE_IN_YEARS which returns the difference in years between two dates, expressed as an integer.


My son is turning 18 this year!

dbadmin=> SELECT age_in_years('06/13/2001');
(1 row)

I was curious how many months he’s been on the planet so I figured that I could just multiply his current age by 12.

dbadmin=> SELECT age_in_years('06/13/2001') * 12 age_in_months;
(1 row)

But that’s not completely accurate as it does not take into account that we are already 4 months into the current year and for any past Leap Years. Luckily there is a built-in Vertica function named AGE_IN_MONTHS that does!

dbadmin=> SELECT age_in_months('06/13/2001') actual_age_in_months;
(1 row)

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Have fun!

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