Monitor the Current Value of Node Spread Daemon Timeouts

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When you know your network or nodes may be unable to respond for a specific amount of time due to network delays or temporary pauses of a VM, you can increase the spread timeout period to longer than this time using the SET_SPREAD_OPTION function (available starting in Vertica 9.2.1-0).

You can view the current value of the Spread Daemon timeout for each cluster node in the SPREAD_STATE system table (also available starting in Vertica 9.2.1-0).


dbadmin=> SELECT * FROM spread_state;
     node_name      | token_timeout
 v_test_db_node0001 |          8000
 v_test_db_node0002 |          8000
 v_test_db_node0003 |          8000
(3 rows)

dbadmin=> SELECT SET_SPREAD_OPTION( 'TokenTimeout', '32000');
NOTICE 9003:  Spread has been notified about the change
 Spread option 'TokenTimeout' has been set to '32000'.

(1 row)

dbadmin=> SELECT * FROM spread_state;
     node_name      | token_timeout
 v_test_db_node0001 |         32000
 v_test_db_node0002 |         32000
 v_test_db_node0003 |         32000
(3 rows)

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