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Track License Usage Over Time

Jim_KnicelyJim_Knicely Administrator
edited July 2019 in Tips from the Team

The LICENSE_AUDITS system table lists the results of Vertica's license automatic compliance audits. You can query it to track your Vertica license usage over time!


dbadmin=> SELECT * FROM (
dbadmin(> SELECT TRUNC(audit_start_timestamp)::DATE the_date, usage_percent * 100 usage_percent 
dbadmin(>   FROM license_audits
dbadmin(>  WHERE audited_data = 'Total'
dbadmin(>  LIMIT 1 OVER (PARTITION BY TRUNC(audit_start_timestamp) ORDER BY audit_start_timestamp DESC)
dbadmin(> ) foo
dbadmin-> ORDER BY 1 DESC
dbadmin-> LIMIT 7;
  the_date  |    usage_percent
2019-06-26  | 85.04858490293070432
2019-06-25  | 85.94124716031121234
2019-06-24  | 84.73165229437051977
2019-06-23  | 82.52812722831650034
2019-06-22  | 81.48804673106092692
2019-06-21  | 83.15786945786393982
2019-06-20  | 83.07077737097440010
(7 rows)

Looks like I’m going to need add some new Vertica license soon!

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Have fun!

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