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Which Database Mode is My Database Using?

You can run Vertica in either Eon Mode or Enterprise Mode. The primary difference between Eon and Enterprise Modes is where they store data. Eon Mode stores data in a shared object store called communal storage, while Enterprise Mode stores data across the filesystems of the database nodes.

If you are working with a new database that you didn’t create, you can can determine which Mode it is using by querying the V_CATALOG.STORAGE_LOCATIONS or the V_CATALOG.SHARDS system table.


dbadmin=> SELECT CASE COUNT(*)
dbadmin->          WHEN 0 THEN 'Enterprise'
dbadmin->          ELSE 'Eon'
dbadmin->        END AS database_mode
dbadmin->   FROM v_catalog.storage_locations
dbadmin->  WHERE sharing_type = 'COMMUNAL';
(1 row)

         WHEN 0 THEN 'Enterprise'
         ELSE 'Eon'
       END AS database_mode
  FROM v_catalog.shards;
(1 row)

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  • There is an easy way to look for this by checking admintools.conf of a node for that database.
    In [Database:<>] section of this file, you will have "is_eon_mode = True" for EON db.
    Other information reagrding EON setup is also there like below:
    depot_base_dir = /home/dbadmin
    depot_size = 307200K
    communal_storage_url = s3://abhibucket/
    num_shards = 3

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