Cannot download Community Edition 9.3, error: There was an error generating your download request

yingxuyingxu Community Edition User

steps to reproduce:
1. Login
2. Scroll down to Community Edition 9.3 part, click to download any item under Community Edition 9.3.1 , like VMware VMX file format under Virtual Machine or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and 7 under local server.
3. Accept the License Agreement and download (Note not sure why the License Agreement are empty here, I have tried ie, google chrom and firefox )
4. Meet error:
"There was an error generating your download request.
Unable to download your selected asset.
Our support team has been notified of the issue. Please try your download again shortly. "
Note the Community Edition 10.0 in the same page could be download successfully.
Could you please fix this download issue? Or at least let me know somewhere else I could download Vertica Community Edition 9.3. Thanks


  • SankarmnSankarmn Community Edition User ✭✭

    @yingxu, I just downloaded 9.3.x and I had no issues on RPM & TAR.
    Are you getting the same error on multiple downloads at different times in a day?

  • yingxuyingxu Community Edition User

    Yeah, I still couldn't download Community Edition 9.3 today, meet the same error: "There was an error generating your download request."
    But the Community Edition 10.0 in the same page could be download successfully.
    Do you think it may related with my account Privilege,

  • LenoyJLenoyJ - Select Field - Employee

    The 10.0 CE version can be downloaded from
    If you have access to support, please raise a case and they'll be able to help you get older versions. The community edition website will only contain the latest version and that too the base version only (i.e. -0 version).

  • yingxuyingxu Community Edition User

    Then why does contains "Community Edition 9.3 part" and it has download links as well?

  • yingxuyingxu Community Edition User

    Could someone provide me

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