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Are there any plans to update to 10.0.x ?

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  • HemanthrahulHemanthrahul Vertica Employee Employee
    edited August 2020

    We don't have the privileges to upload our drivers to the link that Hibiki has in the response. We are trying to find out who owns that repository to upload our driver. In the mean time you can download our driver from this link https://www.vertica.com/client_drivers/10.0.x/10.0.0-0/vertica-jdbc-10.0.0-0.jar and add the below code in the dependencies tag in your POM.XML file as shown below.

    Once the driver is uploaded on the Maven repo we will update this thread.

  • HemanthrahulHemanthrahul Vertica Employee Employee

    You can also run the below command to add the jar to your local maven repo :

    mvn install:install-file “-Dfile=/path_to/vertica-jdbc-10.0.0-0.jar” “-DgroupId=com.vertica” “-DartifactId=vertica-jdbc”
    “-Dversion=10.0.0” “-Dpackaging=jar”

  • Bryan_HBryan_H Vertica Employee Administrator

    vertica-jdbc is now available on Maven Central. Please see https://search.maven.org/artifact/com.vertica.jdbc/vertica-jdbc/10.0.1-0/jar
    for dependency info, or use the following in your POM:


    The 10.0.1 JDBC driver is backwards compatible to v7.2.x, that is, you can connect to any server on v7.2 or newer.

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