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Vertica Machine Images for AWS and GCP

Bryan_HBryan_H Vertica Employee Administrator

Here are the AWS AMI ID's for Vertica 10.1.1-1 on Amazon Linux:
"us-east-1" : {"AMI" : "ami-03880a6dd88d100a8"},
"us-east-2" : {"AMI" : "ami-0d3f9740fb8dcd4af"},
"us-west-1" : {"AMI" : "ami-006760ded4263d716"},
"us-west-2" : {"AMI" : "ami-0de74da2617070b30"},
"ca-central-1" : {"AMI" : "ami-047dd05df809b8a59"},
"eu-central-1" : {"AMI" : "ami-02cacffee14ef984b"},
"eu-west-1" : {"AMI" : "ami-049089cfdefa4f512"},
"eu-west-2" : {"AMI" : "ami-0f0622548b946fc1b"},
"ap-southeast-1" : {"AMI" : "ami-0b889dbf7835a4f5b"},
"ap-southeast-2" : {"AMI" : "ami-0bfcd13547a3ec7b9"},
"ap-south-1" : {"AMI" : "ami-04dc362b21b5caec1"},
"ap-northeast-1" : {"AMI" : "ami-08b0a80b0f8284c29"},
"ap-northeast-2" : {"AMI" : "ami-0ac6e3d690a6fb355"},
"sa-east-1" : {"AMI" : "ami-0d6874a32eb6a337b"}
Here is the GCP source image for 10.1.1-0 on CentOS 7.6:
This post will be updated regularly as new platforms and releases become available.

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