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DBeaver and Vertica 11 virtual CE on VBox, connectivity

lcgillieslcgillies Community Edition User Employee

I'm running DBeaver Version (20 Sep 21) and have just installed the v11 CE virtual machine on VirtualBox Version 6.1.26 r145957 (Qt5.6.3). I've followed the instructions for the CE VM install (admittedly for v10.1) obtained here (, including downloading the JDBC drivers for 11.0.x from here ( I'm running OSX Big Sur 11.6, although since VirtualBox seems to be operating correctly I doubt that is relevant.

After building the connection following instructions here (, using the dbadmin user, I'm unable to connect.

The connection dialog has the following settings:
JDBC URL: jdbc:vertica://localhost:5433/VMart
Host: localhost Port: 5433
Database/Schema: VMart
User: dbadmin
Password: password
Save password locally is checked.

Here is the error message:

[Vertica]VJDBC Failed to connect to host localhost on port 5433. Reason: Failed to establish a connection to the primary server or any backup address.
Failed to establish a connection to the primary server or any backup address.
Failed to establish a connection to the primary server or any backup address.
Connection refused (Connection refused)
Connection refused (Connection refused)

I've also set the connection to throw debug level output to /tmp, but I'm unable to find any.

Are there known issues between these latest versions of DBeaver and V11?



  • RajasekharVuppalaRajasekharVuppala Vertica Employee Employee


    Error Shows that Vertica is not running on your localhost.

    Are you Using DBeaver and Vertica on same Virtual Box?
    Please try IP or machine name instead of localhost.


  • lcgillieslcgillies Community Edition User Employee

    Thanks, Rajasekhar! I can't believe I forgot this minor point---the VM has an externally facing IP, and it depends on the VM's network mode. The docs for setting up the Vertica VM version with DBeaver are really good, but for dummies like me it would help to add a reminder to use the right networking mode with the VM and figure out what the IP address is! Thanks, I'm in business....

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