OleDB version 12 not working with SSAS Multidimensional instance, version 11 is fine

sorenhakolasorenhakola Vertica Customer


Just a finding I wanted to share.

We are running a Microsoft SSAS server containing both a Multidimensional instance and a Tabular model instance. Both are connecting to our Vertica cluster running v11.1.1-11. SSAS version is 2019.

We recently upgraded to driver package version 12 on the Microsoft servers since we are moving towards version 12 on Vertica also. With that came of course OleDB driver version 12.

After installing the driver a reboot was done on the server and things went haywire. The event log started giving errors similar to this, but ONLY for the Multidimensional instance:
Faulting application name: msmdsrv.exe, version: 2018.150.35.33, time stamp: 0x62cd011d
Faulting module name: vertica_12.0_oledb.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x636bef08

Also the processing of dimensions stopped as running into a wall after exactly 1 minute.

Note! Tabular models and Power BI reports work fine.

After downgrading to driver pack Version 11, the cube processing on Multidimensional instance went back to working.

Anyone else experiencing the same?

Best regards,


  • VValdarVValdar Vertica Employee Employee

    Hi Sören, this would be a major concern on the driver, thanks for letting us know.
    Did you open a support case?

  • sorenhakolasorenhakola Vertica Customer

    No, I have not yet opened a support case. But will do so. Thanks for mentioning.

  • VivJainVivJain Vertica Employee Employee

    Tested SSAS 2109 environment for Multidimensional instance with Vertica 11.1.1-11 where it worked fine.
    Post that upgraded it to Vertica 12.0 and then tested it. It worked fine post upgrade.
    Tested the connection and also created a sample cube where it worked perfectly fine.
    ConvertSquareBracketIdentifiers option into the Vertica OLEDB Providers "All" settings option must be set to True.
    Please ensure the same and check once again.

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