vbr.py backup utility and incremental backups.

Hi I just used the vbr.py backup utility and made my first backup and tested a restore. I then added just a very little bit of data to test out incremental backups and it did not appear to do an incremental backup but a full backup of all the data again. It did move the old data over into old_data directories but the new data is just as big as the old and if it was incremental it should of been a very small diff. Did I do something wrong. Is there some setting or parameter I need?


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    If I remember correctly, vbr.py only does full backup. The file system is setup in a way that a simple rsync on the database folder is enough to do an incremental backup.
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    What Vertica version you are using? from 5.1 on wards we have to use restorePointLimit config parameter which defines how many incremental backup you can do. you have to use this along with –archive vbr parameter. from the doc – “Each time you back up your database using the same snapshot name, vbr.py utility creates an incremental snapshot. However, previous snapshot states are not maintained unless you set the restorePointLimit parameter in the configuration file to a value greater than 1.” Please see our doc on this page “Creating Full and Incremental Snapshots (vbr.py)”, under “Backing Up and Restoring the Database” section of AdminGuide. Thanks, Ravi
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    Thank you I think that is what I needed.

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