Backup Recovery performance

We have 1.8 TB data in our PROD 6 node database , when we are trying to have full backup for this , it takes 8-10 hrs. Could you please suggest how to improve this or is this the normal expected time for this activity. Regards, Mayank


  • Hi Mayank, What Vertica version you are using? The backup utility introduced in Vertica Version 5.0 performs incremental data backups, that is time taken in back-up will depend upon how much data has changed since last backup. Does it take 8-10 hrs for each backup? Thanks, Pravesh
  • Hello Pravesh, We are using vertica-5.0.11-0 and for full backup it is taking 8-10 hrs (1.8TB on 6 nodes) and each incremental backup it is taking again 3-4 hrs. please advice if this is expected for this much data. Regards, Mayank
  • Any suggestions on this ???
  • Backup scripts uses rsync and which internally uses scp. If we backup 6 node cluster into single node this time may be high. So it depends on scp speed and how much big is the catalog. More the objects (mainly projections) more scp commands it needs to run. Thanks, Ravi
  • Hi Parvesh, I am using Vertica Analytic Database v5.0.11-0 . I was successful in backing up the full Database. But now, i dont want to backup the Full Database. I want to Back up the Schema in the Database. Is it Possible in this version? If so, Please advice me the process of achieving schema wise backup. Thank you, Rajasekhar.
  • Hello Raj, If you want to do table level /schema level backup then you have to upgrade your DB to vertica 6.0 or vertica 6.1 In vertica 5.0.11 it is not possible. Regards, Mayank
  • Hi Mayank, I copied the script from Vertica 6.0 and used it in Vertica 5.0 (as the Backup is done by “”). I Prepared a config file and when i am running the command to take the backup, it is showing an error “Invalid Config file”. Why this error is Occured? Due to the version difference?? Thanks, Raj!
  • Hello Raj There are two different things: 1) Because of version difference it will not work as internally this use some functions which is not available in vertica 5.0 to take backup for table and schema 2) For “Invalid config file” we have to check all parameters . But if you really want to use schema/table level backup then you have to upgrade the DB. Regards, Mayank
  • Mayank, Thank you for quick reply. And i have one more doubt. In Vertica 6.0, While restoring the back up , it is not prompting me whether to restore Schema with the new name or overwrite the existing schema. I want to restore it with new name. Is it possible?? Thank you, Raj!

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