How do I connect Vertica with Toad

I am trying to connect Vertica DB with Toad for Data analysts in a Windows machine. I downloaded vertica odbc driver – vertica_5.1.6_odbc_i386_linux.tar, but am unsure about where to place the .h and other files.  Does anyone have steps on how to setup a Vertica driver and connect to Toad for Data Analysts?


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    Since TOAD is on your windows machine, download the Vertica ODBC driver for Windows -- vertica_client_drivers_5.0.2-20110512.exe (32/64 bit).  Install the driver on your Windows system, and create a Vertica connection using Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Administrative Tools –>Data Sources (ODBC). You can then add a new DSN under the System DSN tab.
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    TOAD is a client that uses ODBC to connect to various databases. It is very helpful for looking around at tables and other objects. Following are the steps to install TOAD and configure with Vertica 1) Download TOAD from http://tda.inside.quest.com/beta.jspa. 2) Install the TOAD Client 3) Creating ODBC for Vertica: a) Now go to start menu and type ODBC and open ODBC data source b) Then click on system DSN and click on add button. c) After clicking the Add button select the Vertica as a driver and then click on finish. d) Then provide the details of Vertica server. After providing the details check the connection by clicking on Test Connection and then click on Ok. e) After clicking ok you will see the ODBC driver for Vertica has been created. 4) Now open the TOAD client and follow the below steps. I. Click on File. Then select New and then click on Connection. II. Then select group as ODBC in the Pick group option. III. After selecting ODBC as a Group provide the details to connect to Vertica. After putting the details click on connect. TOAD will get connected to Vertica
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    Are there another client for linux??
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    Try DBeaver @ http://dbeaver.jkiss.org/ /Sajan
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    Thank you VERY much!!!
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    That download link now redirects to a confusing location/page http://www.toadworld.com/products/toad-data-point/default.aspx.  Care to update/refresh where to get the download link for this instance of Toad?

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