Can two database share a cluster? Can two clusters be on the same machines?


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    These are the rules you must follow: a. A given host can only be included in one cluster. The cluster is created when you supply the list of cluster hosts to the install_vertica script. b. You can create any number of databases on a cluster, but can only run one database at a time on any given host of the cluster. c. When you create a new database on a set of cluster hosts, Vertica must not be running already on any of the hosts in the set. These common scenarios work according to the above rules:
    1. Create a Vertica database on all hosts in the cluster (database starts).
    2. Stop the first database.
    3. Create a second database on all hosts in the cluster (second database starts).
    4. Stop the second database.
    5. Start the first database. and:
      1. Create a Vertica database on nodes 1 - M of an N-Node cluster (M < N).
      2. Create a second Vertica database on nodes M+1 - N of the cluster.
      3. Both databases are running. You can connect to one or the other, according to which cluster host you connect to.
      4. Stop and restart each database independently of the other.
    Notes: Vertica expects to use all host resources when it is running. Thus, if you need to run two databases at the same time, you must either have two clusters, or else create the databases on disjoint subsets hosts of one cluster. If different databases run at different times on the same set of hosts (scenario 1), take care when connecting to supply the database identification to avoid accidents.

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