Export command fails with ERROR: [sourcedbname] NetworkSend: failed to open connection to node (soc

When using the export command , the CONNECT command works fine but when I execute the export I get one of the two following errors: ERROR: Receive: Message receipt failed: v_targetdbname_node0001 ROLLBACK: One or more nodes did not open a data connection to this node. This may indicate a network configuration problem. Check that the private interfaces used for communication among the cluster hosts reside in the same subnet and are returned first by host address lookup. ERROR: [sourcedbname] Statement is canceled ERROR: [sourcedbname] NetworkSend: failed to open connection to node (socket error: Resource temporarily unavailable)


  • The export command has a Send/Receive component that must make connection to source and target over the Public NICs Resolution On Source and Target - Identify the host name associated with the Public NIC To do this review the /etc/host file on the source and target. A few other things that can be checked at OS level: - /bin/hostname -f returns the hostname of the machine - ping hostname of the returned above and record the IP address returned - ifconfig and verify the IP from ping is assigned to the ethernet (eth0, eth1, etc.) being used - cat /etc/hosts and confirm the public and private ip/name pairs are correct at Vertica level: - in vsql do "select * from nodes;" and confirm the node_address column IP matches that from the OS tests. Proposed Workaround: 1. Shut down the database 2. On both source and target nodes - change all references in the /opt/vertica/config/admintools.conf file on all nodes to the public host name corresponding to each node. NOTE: Make the change on one node of the cluster and copy the file to the other nodes of the cluster. 3. Restart the database

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