Spread Dead but pid File Exists

If spread ends abnormally, the pid and lock file are left behind. Why would spread end abnormally? An example of output from the upgrade_vertica script when attempting to add nodes. The script fails with the following messages. Updating spread configuration... Verifying spread is running on old cluster Signaling spread to reload configuration Verifying new spread configuration on the existing cluster Error while verifying spread on all hosts (0) Nodes with errors: ['', '', '', ''] Installation completed with warnings. Installation completed with errors. Installation failed. Entry in adminTools-root.log Mar 26 04:18:36 vertica@ ['1', ['spread dead but pid file exists', "Try using 'spreadd stop' to clear state"]] Mar 26 04:18:36 Error code 1 ['spread dead but pid file exists', "Try using 'spreadd stop' to clear state"]


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    Verify that the /tmp directory on all nodes is writeable by public It could be related to invalid /opt/vertica/config/vspread.conf files 1. Review the vspread.conf check to be sure the IP addresses match the "N" name. for example: resolves to N 127 000 000 001 Spread_Segment { N127000000001 { } } 2. Check the two spread configuration files on each node along with /etc/hosts * ./etc/sysconfig/spreadd * /opt/vertica/config/vspread.conf for IP address consistency and correct "N" name. 3. Run install_vertica -h -S "default" to reconfigure spread. Another approach would be to restart spread and look for permissions issues or invalid configuration.
    1. Restart spread.
    2. Log in as root: $ su - root password: # You can use sudo (if enabled) if you do not have the root password.
    3. Restart the spread daemon: # /etc/init.d/spreadd restart
    4. Ensure the daemon is running: # ps ax | grep spread
    5. To diagnose issues related to starting Spread, "status" option has been enhanced to provide guidance .
    6. Example: The following example checks on the spread status. $ /etc/init.d/spreadd status spread is stopped If you are having trouble starting spread, check /opt/vertica/config/vspread.conf and spread logs in /tmp/spread_* and /var/log/spreadd.log . $ sudo /etc/init.d/spreadd start Starting spread daemon: spread (pid 24290) is running... [ OK ] $ /etc/init.d/spreadd status spread (pid 24290) is running...

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