Memory errors when running DBD.

Hi, I am running Vertica Community Edition in VM environment. I have installed Vertica in three nodes cluster( All VM’s) .  Each node in a cluster is allocated with 1GB RAM. After the initial data load(Sample Data). I tried running Database Designer but I am getting the following error. Database Designer started.   For large databases a design session could take a long time; allow it to complete uninterrupted.                                                            Use Ctrl+C if you must cancel the session.                                    Setting up design session…   Examining table data… Saving existing projections to /opt/vertica/examples/VMart_Schema/VMart_Design_projection_backup_1231175357.sql …                                         [100%] Saving existing projection definitions…  30 of  30                  Creating design and deploying projections…  [100%] Analyzing data statistics…  Completed  of  .    [  0%] Error during design…  Design errored .                           The error is: Design did not complete successfully.  ERROR – Insufficient resources to execute plan on pool dbd [Timedout waiting for resource request: Due to queued higher priority queries, general cannot supply required overflow resourcesMemory(KB) Exceeded: Requested = 141219, Free = 88724 (Limit = 88724, Used = 0)]     Database Designer finished. Press to return to the Administration Tools menu.   Can someone help me out to understand why I am getting this error and how the issue can be resolved. Thanks!


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    Vertica requires 2 to 4 Gb of RAM per CPU core per machine, so 1 Gb is insufficient. Try increasing available memory for each VM to at least 2 Gb and run DBD again.

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