How is data stored in Vertica?

How is data stored in Vertica? In the Vertica storage directory, there are a lot sub directories named by odd numbers(from 001 to 999). What does that mean? How does Vertica organize the data files?


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    In Vertica the data is stored as encoded in a compressed file. The numbers means nothing for the user and those files are know as ROS Containers. Inside the folder with numbers 1 – 999 you will see other folders with bigger number but the last 3 digits are the parent folder. Inside that bigger number folder you will see the files. For each file name, there is always 2 files 1- .fdb : that are the data itself. 2- .pidx : that is an index/statistics info from the data file. We call the files ROS containers, and there are some queries that you can do to system tables that will tell you to what projections those files belong. I don’t find it necessary to know. Keep in mind that Vertica NEVER updates a file, it will delete a create a new one, so those numbers may not exists for too long.
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    I have also seen other folder names in tehre. Can you help on this? What are they?

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