Too many open files issue

Getting an error "Too many open files issue" error messages. This can occur when some of the tables being referenced in the analyze_constraints(), had a large number of delete vector containers. It can also occur when an update is trying to run Insufficient resources to execute plan on pool general [Request Too Large:File Handles Exceeded: Requested = 54262, Free = 54227 (Limit = 54227, Used = 0)]


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    In version 4.1 there is a new table called delete_vector. This is a system table to identify the number of deleted containers. To check for a high number of delete vectors you can use the following query: select node_name,projection_name,storage_oid,count(*) from delete_vectors group by node_name,projection_name,storage_oid order by 4 desc limit 20; If there are many delete vectors related to a projection, then we suggest the following to remove them from the system and avoid the too many open files issue. Advanced the AHM and purged the tables with hundreds of delete vector containers: select make_ahm_now(); --or select make_ahm_now(true); -- this allows the ahm to advance when a node is down select purge_table('schemaname.tablename'); ... (and other tables) Note: If any of the tables are partitioned, you also need to run partition_table() on them after the purge.

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