JDBC driver buffer (8192 bytes) is full, cant have two resultsets open at the same time.

Cant have two result sets open at the same time using JDBC driver. error log. cannot execute because the driver has not finished reading the current open ResultSet. The driver cannot finish reading the current ResultSet because its buffer (8192 bytes) is full. The current ResultSet must be fully iterated through or closed before another statement can execute. at com.vertica.core.VConnection.ensureNotInLRS(Unknown Source) at com.vertica.dataengine.VDataEngine.prepareImpl(Unknown Source) at com.vertica.dataengine.VDataEngine.prepare(Unknown Source) at com.vertica.dataengine.VDataEngine.prepare(Unknown Source)


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    We are using this JDBC connection/datasource in weblogic, to create a dashboard page with the oracle adf dvt framework. The dashboard page needs multiple resultset to be open.
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    Hi Raj, thanks for reporting your problem! Support will look into this.
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    I tried to set the "resultbuffersize" of the data source to 10MB, but that didn't help. Is there any driver configuration that I am missing.
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    Hi Raj, Vertica does not support multiple cursors. You'll need to either read the result sets in one at a time, or open multiple connections. Please see the JDBC documentation for further details.

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