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I have an older enterprise 5.x DB. I upgraded to the 6.0.1 community edition RPM, and I can start the database up just fine. But the older enterprise license is expired. The DB is a single node, and < 500GB, so the community license should be fine (not running management console, etc.) I try using adminTools to upgrade the license to the community edition license.key file. I get a message "license upgraded successfully", but it never seems to stick. SELECT DISPLAY_LICENSE() still shows the old expired enterprise one. Any suggestions?


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    You need to remove the Enterprise edition RPM and then install the Community edition. To uninstall use the command rpm -e vertica I would also recommend renaming your current existing license file. For example, if the license file is /opt/vertica/config/share/license.key rename it to /opt/vertica/config/share/license.key.old The removal of the rpm will not remove your database, just the underlying vertica software. Then install the Community Edition rpm.
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    Thanks for the response Amy. I did follow that path originally. rpm -e the EE vertica, and installed the corresponding CE RPM. The correct version appears to be running, it's the only 6.0.1 version on the machine. In the adminTools, I try to change the key, and I see in the log: 2013-04-06 20:10:08.313 Init Session:0x7f75a80bda90 @v_oa_node0001: V2001/4943: The Enterprise Edition is installed. You cannot downgrade from the Enterprise Edition to the Community Edition I'm running the community edition binaries. Is there something else that "locks" my data from a previous enterprise DB so it can't be used directly in the community edition?
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    This message occurs when the system thinks that the EE license is trying to be replaced by the CE license. It seems like the problem is that the EE was not completely uninstalled. Since some of the files in the /opt/vertica/ does not get cleaned up it could be grabbing some information from that directory structure. Did you confirm that you ran the CE package install and then the install? If you are still having problems I could see if there is something else that could be preventing this from occurring.
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    Yes, I installed the RPM, and then ran /opt/vertica/bin/install Which of this stores the definitive license info? 1. The database itself. 2. The catalog directory for the DB 3. The /opt/vertica directory? Would be helpful to know where I'm hunting to remove traces of the EE edition, which are clearly still lurking.
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    I confirmed that you cannot move a database from EE to CE. You will need to create a new database. The information about the license is stored in the /opt/vertica directory as well as in the catalog. You can export the schema using export_catalog but you will need to also write a script to export the data for your tables.
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    Thanks Amy, that's consistent with the messages I saw in the logs. One more question, for my help and the posterity of this thread. I'd prefer to use the EXPORT TO VERTICA command to do a migration of data. Dumping it to a file and then re-importing with COPY is fast, but newline and special character management is a real headache. I run an EXPORT command after successfully CONNECTing to the remote DB, and I get this: ERROR: [newoa] RemoteSend: Open failed on node [v_oa_node0001] (socket error: Connection refused) ERROR: NetworkSend: failed to open connection to node v_newoa_node0001 (socket error: Resource temporarily unavailable) And in the logs on the receiving machine, I see: 2013-04-10 00:00:51.853 Init Session:0x7f9cc8000dd0 [PROTOCOL] ClusterPlanner: node: 0, dbname : newoa, db: 0 2013-04-10 00:00:51.853 Init Session:0x7f9cc8000dd0 [PROTOCOL] ClusterPlanner: node: 0, dbname : newoa, db: 0 2013-04-10 00:00:51.853 Init Session:0x7f9cc8000dd0 [PROTOCOL] ClusterPlanner: Have a default address 2013-04-10 00:00:51.853 Init Session:0x7f9cc8000dd0 [PROTOCOL] ClusterPlanner: Have a default address 2013-04-10 00:00:51.856 Poll dispatch:0x435ecf0 [Dist] Messenger::connectcb: socket error 111: Connection refused (on port 32775) 2013-04-10 00:00:51.856 Poll dispatch:0x435ecf0 [Dist] send_ready called with unprepared send handle 2013-04-10 00:00:51.856 Init Session:0x7f9cc8000dd0 [EE] RemoteSend: open failed on node: v_oa_node0001 (Detail: socket error: Connection refused) (tag: 1001 plan: 51539607706) 2013-04-10 00:00:51.857 Init Session:0x7f9cc8000dd0 @v_newoa_node0001: V1001/4572: RemoteSend: Open failed on node [v_oa_node0001] (socket error: Connection refused) LOCATION: initializeExecution, /scratch_a/release/vbuild/vertica/EE/Operators/RemoteSend.cpp:40 2013-04-10 00:00:52.302 Init Session:0x7f9cc800d750 @v_newoa_node0001: 00000/2705: Connection received: host= port=60603 (connCnt 3) 2013-04-10 00:00:52.302 Init Session:0x7f9cc800d750 @v_newoa_node0001: {SessionRun} 57014/2605: Client canceled session ip-10-166-22-109-4792:0x15505 LOCATION: ProcessStartupPacket, /scratch_a/release/vbuild/vertica/Session/ClientSession.cpp:3412 Is it not possible to EXPORT between EE and CE? Or between v5 and v6? If not, any other tips on clean export/import strategies?

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