Vertica ce as production database

Can I use vertica ce in production ? I understand the support limitation and the up to 3 nodes cluster limitation , but are this is valid option ?


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    You can use Vertica CE in production, but as you stated there are the limitations such as no access to Support, the number of nodes and the size.
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    Did CE in production is limited to one year ? someone from my company menation that he read in some place that after one year we should touch base with Vertica for softwer renewal .
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    There is the statement in Vertica CE license: You may not use software to provide services to third parties. If company writes software that could be used from web-server (that belongs to goverment fund) through web-browser, this software will be used by goverment employees (count=200-300). May fund use HP Vertica Community Edition or it must buy commercial version? All other limitations are ok.
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    Hi Rusian, I don't know the answer to this question; regardless it would depend on the exact structure of your organization, what counts as a "third party" exactly. Also, I would not recommend taking legal advice from random people on a public forum :-) If you'd like to get our formal confirmation, please get in touch using the contact info on our main website, http://vertica.com/ . Adam

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