Vertica - database as a service

Do Vertica plan to provide database as a service like database.com provided bt saleforce.com ? more deatils her -> http://blog.database.com/blog/2011/08/30/database-com-is-open-for-business/ Part of the effors are : We’ve automated tuning, scaling, backups and recovery for you. The data you choose to store can easily and securely be shared with your ecosystem. Maintaining a social graph is a breeze. It all just works. ?


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    Hi Eli, Jeff, our Product Marketing manager will be able to give you a bit more insight on this shortly. Look for his response!
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    Hi Eli, Thank you for your post. Many of our customers currently run their analytics initiatives on the HP Vertica Analytics Platform in the cloud (Amazon). In our Bulldozer release, we improved the support for Amazon EC2 deployments with a Hardware Virtual Machine (HVM) based Amazon Machine Image (AMI), which includes Cloud Scripts that simplify cluster installation, configuration, and deployment. While I can't detail future improvements/releases related to the Cloud or offering our platform as a data warehousing a service, I can tell you that we continually seek feedback/ideas in this area because the cloud remains an important deployment model. Thanks again, --Jeff
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    Database as a Service is counter to the Bring Your Own License Model with the former being a sign of alignment of concepts of dynamically provisioning and pay as you go...

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