ODBC driver configuration change

Hi Adam, Thanks for your reply. As long as the SELECT does not acquire a S lock, it should be good for now. The problem was the ODBC driver ini config has TXReadCommitted flag set to 0 and it's by default. This could be a good change to ODBC driver distributed in Vertica package. Thanks Harris Note: This topic was created from a reply on the How to load from a staging table without introducing a lock? topic.


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    Hello Harris The TransactionIsolation DSN parameter (previously known as TXNReadCommitted in the 4.1 ODBC driver) is optional. You should be able to remove it from your odbc.ini file to get the desired behavior. Any DSN parameters not specified in the odbc.ini file will assume their default values when a connection is made. When TransactionIsolation (or TXNReadCommited) it is not specified, the driver will use the server's default of READ COMMITTED. You can find a list of all the ODBC DSN parameters and their default values in the documentation: https://my.vertica.com/docs/CE/6.0.1/HTML/index.htm#12800.htm Tom

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