Convert a Test&Dev DB from K-Safe=1 to K-Safe=0

Only for a big data specific test I need to temporaneously make space in the system and eliminate data redundancy. My question is regarding the process to move from K-safe=1 to K-safe=0. For example i have a base table named "fact_data" and 4 nodes, so 4 segments: node001 -> superprojection segment fact_data_b0, buddy on node002 -> fact_data_b1 (size are similar but not exactly the same) node002 -> fact_data_b0, buddy on node003 -> fact_data_b1 node003 -> fact_data_b0, buddy on node004 -> fact_data_b1 node004 -> fact_data_b0, buddy on node001 -> fact_data_b1 Is enough to drop buddy projection fact_data_b1 and MARK_DESIGN_KSAFE(0)? any other system parameter to setup? Reverse process will be recreate projections with OFFSET value and refresh. Many thanks in advance.


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    Hi, Yes, first mark the system as ksafe = 0 and then drop the buddy. You can verify the the ksafe =0 by querying the system table and check for the designed_fault_tolerance field. Hope this helps, Eugenia

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