Time series extrapolation

Does Vertica provide any analytics functions for linear extrapolation? I'd like to predict future values of a time series as part of a forecasting requirement. For example, if I have a time series with the number of users hitting my web site for the last month, what would be the number of users hitting my site next week and in two weeks?


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    What was the answer to Michael's question?  Did the product team determine that this is not yet a function in the product?  I don't see analytic functions in r7.1 that would accomplish the type of forecasting that Michael asked for last year.  I am also interested in doing something very similar and it appears that an R function in the database is one way to handle this, but would like to get some feedback on this.   Thanks.
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    If you looking for some sort of prediction capability than R function it a good way to implement.

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