Improvements for Backup and Restore mechanism

i) If I back multiple tables, I should be able to restore a single table or select few tables or all tables that were backed up, if needed. ii) If I back an entire schema, I should be able to restore a single table, multiple tables in the schema or the entire schema, if needed iii) There is a find operation that happens at the end of the backup process. I believe it does some garbage collection. I am not entirely sure. This has to be targeted to the specific destination backup directory of the backup. Currently it is doing a find on the parent directory of the destination backup directory.


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    Hi Zacharia, Thank you very much for the suggestions on backup and restores. we will communicate to development for the possible improvements. Thanks, Bhawana
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    Hi Zacharia: You can certainly use an object-level backup to restore one of multiple tables you included in the backup configuration file. You can also use an object-level backup to backup a schema (as long as no constraint violations occur), and then restore a single table from the schema backup. See the online documentation for backing up and restoring your database: https://my.vertica.com/docs/6.1.x/HTML/index.htm#14266.htm I am not sure what question you are asking regarding the GC that occurs. Hope this helps.
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    Kanti, I dont think currently using the current vbr.py based backup and restore in 6.1.0, I can restore just one table if I backed up the schema or multiple tables. Has this feature been added in a later version ? See Case 00017298 I created an ini file to do a backup 2 tables and I tried to restore just one table and not the other. I backed up 2 tables, edited the ini file and restored just one table. After restore, all the tables that were backed up got restored. The command I used for backup is /opt/vertica/bin/vbr.py --task backup --config-file /home/dbadmin/backup.ini and restore is /opt/vertica/bin/vbr.py --task restore --config-file /home/dbadmin/restore.ini Please confirm that I can restore just one table when I backup multiple tables. If it is not possible please implement it in the upcoming version. Zacharia
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    Hi Zacharia, Hm, I think you have a point here. I'll ask around here and see if folks could check on this. Adam
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    You are quite right Zacharia, and you cannot restore selectively from an object-level backup, I have added a note about the current restriction to the documentation. I am also adding your note to an enhancement request for this now under consideration. Thanks so much for your input. Kanti
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    Can it also be checked to restore a schema (object) from a full backup so as to avoid taking object level and full backups and saving some space.


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