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Hi Team, Please list me all the best practices need to be followed in vertica in general. Also points need to be taken care when migrating data from teradata to vertica. Thanks in advance, Raj


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    Hi Krishnaraj, That's a very broad question. So I'm afraid that all I have for you is a very broad answer: Pay attention to details. There are many many little differences between Vertica and Teradata. You can likely get up and running without having to think too much about the differences; but as you tune your cluster for real production use, be aware that it's a fundamentally different underlying technology, so you have to learn a new set of tricks to get the most out of the system. You might be interested in our online or in-person training: http://www.vertica.com/customer-experience/12573-2/ http://www.vertica.com/customer-experience/training/ And, of course, the documentation on http://my.vertica.com/ .

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