Problem in connecting vertica with tableau

i tried connecting tableau 8.0 to vertica database,it is giving an error,"an error occured while communicating with vertica database"!! what is the reason ?though i have client drivers installed properly.


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    Hi Sharadhi, thanks for your question! We'll look into this, we should have some helpful documentation to assist in troubleshooting.
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    hi, We are facing performance issues when using Tableau 8.0 with Vertica Analytic Database v6.0.1-4. Every time a user hits refresh on a work book in live mode, it runs the following query to fetch entire catalog from the database. Since queries by normal database users against catalog tables are slow in Vertica 6.0(known issue fixed in 6.1 I believe), it takes several minutes to refresh a work book. But the query to fetch the actual data takes only a few seconds. (select * from (select 'xxxxx' as catalog_name, vs_projections.schemaname as schema_name, vs_projections.anchortablename as table_name, null as non_unique, null as index_qualifier, null as index_name, 0 as type, null as ordinal_position, null as column_name, null as asc_or_desc, ROUND(AVG(total_row_count - deleted_row_count)) as cardinality, null as pages, null as filter_condition from vs_projections join storage_containers on vs_projections.name = storage_containers.projection_name group by vs_projections.schemaname, vs_projections.anchortablename order by non_unique, type, index_qualifier, index_name, ordinal_position) as vmd where catalog_name ilike E'mercury' escape E'\\' and schema_name ilike E'v_monitor' escape E'\\' and table_name ilike E'sessions' escape E'\\') Thanks D
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    This is a great conversation that's slightly different from the main topic, so I created a new topic to continue the discussion. Please reference the new topic here: Delay in refreshing Tableau 8.0
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    Hi to all,  

    I'm also facing the same problem. When I tried to connect tableau 8.1 to vertica database, its showing an error like "server doesn't support protocol 3.4: supports 3.0 to 3.3". Can anyone help me to connect tableau 8.1 to vertica? If any other drivers needed provide me those drivers also. Thanks

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